your key to beauty


We strive to create the purest, most active, natural plant-based, food grade skin care products without the use of chemicals and synthetic emollients.

We only use 100% natural, uniquely sourced bio actives and New Zealand native plant extracts. Our skin care products are handmade in small batches to optimize quality control. We provide 100% honest information and are dedicated to our customers’ full satisfaction.



We believe that Mother Nature has all the ingredients for us to create a pure, luxury and sophisticated formulation. Our products will empower nature’s own remedies. 


We at Nature’s Identity are a team of passionate professionals with medical, science, health and beauty background.

On our journey we came across incredible natural ingredients, got answers, discovered nature’s own masterpiece and found solutions to some challenging skin problems. In our past we worked with synthetic, lab created and natural ingredients. Our passion guided us on our enlightening way to help us understand the difference between various type of products and the effectiveness of plants. This gave us the courage to trust in the power of nature’s asset and to avoid undesirable chemicals in our life. Together with our knowledge and experience we formed a key, our symbol, and “your key to beauty”. We would like to invite you to join our venture and have our key for a cleaner planet and for your healthier, radiant looking skin.


Research and education. Environmentally friendly packaging and never to test on animals.

<span>, Tauranga</span>
"I have mature skin that is very sensitive with red scaly patches and reacted to most skin care products in the past. I have got given a jar of Pure Bliss to use in the morning and Goldmine for the night. The redness has gone almost instantly and the scaly patches stopped occurring after a week of using these products. Thanks to Nature’s Identity saving my skin! "
- Janette, Tauranga


<span>, Titirangi</span>
"From the day I started using the Nature’s Identity skin care range my skin has never felt better. I have dark skin that was dull with some congestion and dark circles around my eyes. Not anymore! Purely Qleen, Secret Garden, Pure Bliss and Eye-Full Power has changed it all. I have got glowing healthy skin and without make-up people ask me all the time what I do differently. I use Nature’s Identity!"
- Jody, Titirangi